Deaths from colds and flu in 2016 rose more than twice

The Russians were 2.3 times more likely to die from influenza and respiratory diseases, said the Fund “Health”. To such conclusion experts came after analysis of Rosstat data on mortality for the year 2016, which was published on Tuesday, February 2, 2017. In 2015, these diseases died in 477, and in 2016 1079 people. At the time of writing the Ministry of health on questions not answered.

In 2016, Russia has passed the unprecedented scale of the vaccination program against influenza. For the purchase of vaccines, the government spent more than 4 billion rubles, reported the Ministry of health in October 2016. This is about 20% more than the amount that was allocated for vaccination in 2015 (RUB 3.4 billion).

The total mortality of the population in 2016 compared to 2015 year slightly decreased from 13.1 cases per one thousand people, to 12.9 cases. But the Ministry of health has not reached the indicators declared by him. In the program “Development of healthcare” in 2014, the Ministry planned to reduce the mortality rate in 2016 to 12.3 cases per thousand people. In 2016, died of 1.89 million people, and in 2015 – 1.91 million

Set in the state program plans to reduce the mortality rate once again was not implemented, so the Ministry in the new project document “Development of health” published on the website disclosure of legal information revised target total mortality for 2020 in the downside, said the Director of the Foundation “Health” Eduard Gavrilov. “It is easier to lower the bar than to explain to the population why it is not achieved”, — he stressed.

In addition to colds and flu, the Russians, according to statistics from Rosstat, were more likely to die from “certain infectious and parasitic diseases”. All in Russia in 2016 died 21,3 thousand people, and in 2015 – to 18.8 thousand. Growing mortality from “other diseases”: in 2016 died 340,3 thousand people, and in 2015 — 318 thousand. In this article, the Ministry of health may deduct all deaths from diseases for which the organization needs to improve the statistics, suggested the President “leagues of patients” Alexander Saversky. If the Ministry of health should reduce mortality from heart disease, some patients died for this reason can be considered by statisticians as deaths from “other diseases”, he said.

Almost 16% in 2016 reduce the number of deaths from tuberculosis: from 13.1 per thousand to 11.1 thousand people. A positive trend also showed mortality from diseases of the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, external causes and neoplasms.