Kiriyenko will lead to the Kremlin their counselor for Finance

Proven frames

In the political block of the Kremlin expected a new assignment: to work is going to leave a long-standing ally of first Deputy head of presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko Olga Alliluyeva, said three sources close to the Kremlin. Documents Alliluyeva are currently in the verification process, said one of the interlocutors .

From the official biography of Olga Alliluyeva, it follows that it is familiar with Kiriyenko still with 90-x years. As the current first Deputy head of the Kremlin administration, has long lived in Nizhny Novgorod. From 1994 to 1997 worked in various positions (economist, senior economist, head of the center of bill circulation) in the Nizhny Novgorod Bank “the Guarantee”, the Chairman of the Board which at that time was Kiriyenko. Then became Director of Department of financial projects, Deputy Vice President of OJSC “Oil company “NORSI-oil”. The position of President of the company took Kiriyenko. In April 1997, Kiriyenko moved from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow, taking the post of first Deputy Minister of fuel and energy under Minister Boris Nemtsov. In November of the same year, Kiriyenko was Minister.

Alliluyeva moved to Moscow in 1997. According to her bio, was an adviser to the Minister adviser to the Minister of the Department of administration of the Ministry of fuel and energy.

In 1998, when Kiriyenko was Prime Minister, Alliluyeva was promoted to his adviser. A few months later, after the default, the Kiriyenko government resigned. Alliluyeva also left the Cabinet. After the election of Kiriyenko in the state Duma in 1999, where he became the head of fraction of Union of right forces, Alliluyeva was his financial adviser, reported Vedomosti.

In July 2004 she was appointed Advisor to the head of the Federal service for tariffs (FST). In October 2012, was the Deputy head of the FTS, responsible for the activities of the Agency for international cooperation, including in the field of state regulation of prices, etc. as Deputy head of the FTS Alliluyeva was part of the Council to improve the transparency of the activities of the state Corporation “Rosatom”, which was then headed by Kirienko.

While without a post

A source close to the presidential administration, said that the post for Olga Alliluyeva in the political block of the Kremlin has not yet been determined.

In the absence of certainty with the position until the candidate’s documents checked by the Department of civil service and personnel, is not unusual, says another source close to the Kremlin. But by the time when the scan will be finished (and in the case of a positive outcome), with position candidate should already be clear: the title of the post indicated in the accompanying documents.

The Department of internal policy of the Kremlin is currently vacant, two major positions: Deputy heads of management.

The position of Deputy chief of the Ohr, oversees the Duma and the Federation Council became vacant after the Kremlin came from the left of the Public chamber Sergei Smirnov. Sources close to the presidential administration, said that the replacement Smirnov considers the Deputy of the state Duma, United Russia Sergei Zheleznyak. The same information was confirmed by a senior source in the Kremlin. However, he stressed that the post of curator of the Duma and the Federation Council considered another candidate, but the name of the applicant was not called.

Kiriyenko in the selection of candidates for the position of Deputy chief was guided by the fact that it must be people who know deputies of the State Duma, you know how it works.

Another post of the chief of the UVP was released after the appointment, who held her Sergei Novikov, the head of the Kremlin management of public projects. However, over the Novikov remains information unit, which he oversaw in the status of Deputy chief of the Ohr. What responsibility will the changer Novikova, is unclear, said two sources close to the Kremlin. With high probability we can assume that there will be a redistribution of powers between the Deputy and the transfer of these powers to a new person.