Putin accused Kiev in the desire to “blow money” from abroad

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin commented on the situation in the Donbass, saying that her aggravation provoked by the Ukrainian side. This statement the Russian President made at a press conference in Budapest after meeting with Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban.

Putin stressed that the deteriorating situation in the Donbass, instigated by the Ukrainian side. Answering a question of journalists that caused the aggravation of the situation, the President said several of them.

“The first reason is that the Ukrainian authorities today need money money it’s best to knock it out of the European Union, individual countries of Europe, from the United States and from international financial institutions, exposing themselves as victims of aggression,” the President said (quoted by RIA news).

Putin also believes that the deteriorating situation in the Donbass Kyiv “muzzle” the opposition, which has intensified against the backdrop of “apparent failures in the sphere of economic and social policies”.

In addition, according to Putin, today the Ukrainian government is “not prepared at all to implement the Minsk agreements and is looking for a reason to refuse its execution”. The President added that he expects that “sane forces” in Ukraine will not develop the situation in the Donbass “under the worst scenario”.