Russian carriers acknowledged a valid passport, DNI and LC

Passports are valid

The correspondent witnessed, as the owner of the passport and the DNI, the military of the breakaway Republic Alexander Zhuchkovsky on the document, he bought a ticket on the flight of “Victory”, took control and bought a train ticket and booked a hotel. The receptionist at the front Desk said that passport settle many clients and they are as citizens of Ukraine. As a citizen of Ukraine Zhuchkovsky was noted on the ticket of the Railways.

Deputy Chairman of the people’s Council DND Denis Pushilin and LPR representative in the Minsk group Vladislav Danego confirmed that the passport of the unrecognized Republic to cross the border between the border of the unrecognized Republic with Russia and to move around the country. The same information was confirmed a few citizens of the unrecognized republics.

The airline S7 has officially recognized the opportunity to travel on the passport of DNI, while “Aeroflot” and other airlines deny this information. In the Railways referred to the requirements of the Ministry of transport, which do not allow to sell a ticket to nationals of States that are not in the approved list.

The DNI and the LC began to issue their own passports since 2015. For the January 2017 one of the four million inhabitants of the DNI documents the self-proclaimed Republic has received about 40 thousand people.

Investigation: how the Department found the passports of the DNI and LC

Legal grounds for crossing the Russian border citizens of the LC and the DNR can’t, said the specialist on migration issues Marina leksina and the head of the Commission on migration policy of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC), Eugene Bobrov. The opportunity to cross the border with passports of DNR and LNR also confirmed by the interior Ministry, FSB and the Ministry of transport.

Informal arrangement

A diplomatic source explains to the actual action in Russia passports of the unrecognized republics the presence of informal agreements between the Russian authorities and representatives of the DNR and LNR to “close their eyes on these passports, so that people could move to Russia.” “The same agreement was reached at the level of the Russian airlines for such passports fly,” he confirmed.

The situation with use of passports of the LC and the DNI in the territory of Russia is not Moscow’s recognition of the breakaway republics, underlines a source in diplomatic circles. “This is not a step towards recognition of the Republic. This question is not discussed”, — he concluded. As confirmed by a spokesman in the Duma, no question of further formalizing relations with the republics is not.

A source in the Executive branch confirms that identity in Russia may admit documents issued to citizens of Ukraine and stateless persons by local authorities in individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, outside of Kiev. “This is due to the fact that the Ukrainian authorities for a long time and intentionally don’t carry out certification in the territory of the self-proclaimed DND and LNR”, — said the source.

The decision on the recognition of documents of LC and DNR “temporary and forced, because you cannot force people who find themselves in difficult life situations, to live on the reservation, without the right to leave”, said the source . According to him, “this decision is consistent with the international practice providing for the recognition by States of the validity of certain legal acts, including the documents issued by those bodies who exercise actual power in the territories, uncontrolled by the official authorities”.

Lawyer Washington law firm Bryan Cave LLP cliff burns said that legal recognition of the DNI and the LNR can serve as a basis for sanctions against Russian officials and airlines.

Moscow officially deny the recognition of documents of republics, and to assert that only lets the individuals on humanitarian grounds, suggested political analyst Alexei Makarkin. Limited recognition of passports of the LC and the DNI Russia really has more humanitarian value, and therefore is unlikely to entail sanctions, said on condition of anonymity, a senior representative of a major international humanitarian organizations.

Security risks

The head of the public Council under the inter-regional investigatory management on transport SKR Sergey Gruzdev draws attention to the risks associated with security. According to him, information about the passport holders DNI or LC may not be in the official databases, which can help to avoid arrest as part of the investigation.

A situation in which people can use transport “documents, which de jure are not documents” may pose a threat to the Vice-President of the Association of veterans antiterrorist unit “alpha” Alexey Filatov. However, he doubts that the documents of the DNI and LC in the country to get the terrorists.