The British government published the concept of a Brexit

The UK government has published the concept of the Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. The document includes 12 key principles that will guide government in this process.

These items include control over its own legislation, the protection of historic ties with Ireland, immigration controls, the Kingdom’s exit from the EU and the new partnership with the Union, ensuring free trade with the European markets, protect workers ‘ rights, cooperation in combating crime and terrorism, and others.

The document has 77 pages, which describes in detail the actions of the authorities. Precedes the description of the opening remarks of the Prime Minister of the UK Theresa may.

“We approach this process, expecting success and not failure. Because we are a great nation that has a lot to offer Europe and the world. We have one of the largest and strongest economies in the world. The best intelligence, brave soldiers, we effectively dispose of soft and hard power, we have friends, partners and allies on every continent. And just as important. The main reason of our success is the strength and support of the 65 million people who want to do it,” — wrote the Prime Minister in his message.

Earlier on Thursday, 2 February, the lower chamber of the British Parliament (House of Commons) second reading supported the bill on time a Brexit. For the bill voted 498 deputies, 114 voted against it. The document is directed on consideration to parliamentary committees, the final vote on it is scheduled for February 8, after which the bill will be sent to the House of lords.

In January, the UK Supreme court has forbidden the government to give effect to article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty on the country’s withdrawal from the EU without the approval of Parliament. According to the decision of the panel of judges, the actions of the government concerning the withdrawal of Britain from the EU will inevitably entail changes in domestic legislation. This, in turn, will affect all citizens of the Kingdom, and therefore this step needs to be approved by Parliament.

June 23, 2016 in the UK held a referendum on membership of the Kingdom in the EU. The idea of a Brexit was supported by 51.9% of voters.