Belarus has submitted to the Russian court for a reduction of oil supplies

The authorities of Belarus sued Russia in connection with reduction of deliveries of Russian oil, said President Alexander Lukashenko during his passing on Friday in Minsk meeting with representatives of the public and the press.

“The dispute was only for gas, and they began to cut the oil. We appealed, of course, the court, in accordance with our agreements,” he said (quoted by TASS), describing the abnormal situation, when “the closest two republics, the native people start the “turnip tear”.

The President emphasized that Belarus itself did not violate any of the prisoner of the agreement with Russia, but the Russian authorities sometimes refer to Belarusian officials to “disregard”.

“Come Ministers are in the waiting room in the queue”, — said Lukashenko, adding that, if necessary, the country will not abandon the purchase of Russian oil.

“Without Russian oil we can do,” he said, acknowledging that this would be difficult.

In January 2017 Lukashenko demanded from the government to find alternative sources of oil that could replace supplies from Russia. In particular, Lukashenko mentioned the study of the economic feasibility of shipping oil “the Black sea and the Mediterranean” at the Belarusian oil refineries.

The representative of Russian Ministry of energy declined to comment on Lukashenka’s statement. In the apparatus in charge of energy Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich also declined to comment.

In early 2017 it became known about plans of the Russian government to reduce the volumes of oil supplies to Belarus by 12% due to the unresolved dispute of the debt for gas.