Council will restrict the meeting of deputies with voters for fear of rallies

“Gone crazy”

A bill introduced in the state Duma on 2 February the Deputy of Moscow Irina Belykh (“United Russia”). Member of the Committee of the lower house on legislation proposed to the meeting of deputies of all levels, from local councils to the state Duma with the voters actually were equated with meetings and could not take place without prior approval.

Amendments to the law on rallies is proposed to introduce a special procedure for notification of these meetings, wishing to communicate with voters, the parliamentarians will have to submit a request for approval of the event no later than seven days (for ordinary meetings minimum — 10 days).

As noted in the explanatory Memorandum, it is necessary “in order to comply with public order, ensure the safety of participants of public events, and other citizens.” While meeting with voters in designated places the law will not apply.

This bill has been agreed with the presidential administration and will be supported by, said a source close to the leadership of the state Duma. The initiative made it White because “it was the Moscow experience”, says the interlocutor of the edition. Through the White Moscow authorities carry out their initiatives, confirmed a source in the state Duma Committee on legislation.

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on the legislation Michael Yemelyans (“Fair Russia”) said that the faction will not support this initiative, as it seriously restricts parliamentary activities. According to the interlocutor in fraction of United Russia, the idea of “crazy”: “the noise will be such that will not find it”.

“This is a direct violation of the Constitution. Moscow has already went to the roof” — I agree MP from the Communist party Valery Rashkin. According to him, “the authorities are afraid of the people, the streets, since this year has started with a huge wage arrears and protest not covered in the media.”

Experience capitals

White wants to expand on the Federal level, regulatory experience of parliamentary meetings in the capital. In December 2016, the city Duma adopted amendments, according to which meetings of MPs with voters equal to rallies. As was stated by the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Cyril Shields, if the Deputy is organizing the rally, “it is not necessary to dissemble and to cover this public event, the term “meeting with voters” need to comply with Federal law.”

On the necessity of introducing a similar rules for members of its legislative Assembly has reflected, and in St. Petersburg. February 1 the document was adopted in the first reading. The reason for the introduction of the bill was a protest against the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), which was held on 28 January at the Mars field in the format of the meeting of deputies with voters, reported by United Russia Deputy Alexander Teterenko. This format was chosen after the organisers of the rally failed to coordinate action with the city authorities.

According to political analyst Alexei Makarkin, bill White is likely to be adopted. “The conflict around St. Isaac’s Cathedral, most of all, was the reason for introducing this bill,” he said. Makarkin underlines that with the growth of negative moods in the regions, “the authorities fear that such meetings will be used by opposition deputies on the ground to organize protests.”

He reminds us that “if at the Federal level, the Communists predictably enough, on a regional level, they can be much opposition and the protests on the ground can connect and other opponents of the government. This is another tougher laws, according to Makarkin, is important in the eve of the presidential election in 2018, after the “unpopular reforms are expected to be” fraught with protests.