Economic nationalist: 14 facts about the main adviser to trump the’bannon

  • Stephen Bannon was born 27 November 1953 in Norfolk, Virginia. He was the fifth child in a family of Irish Catholics Doris and Martin Bannon. Stephen’s father worked all his life at the phone company — first as a lineman and then as a middle Manager. His parents sympathized with the Democrats and supported John Kennedy.
  • Bannon graduated from the local military Catholic school, and then entered the Polytechnic University of Virginia. While studying at University he received the first experience of conducting the election campaign in 1975, he was chosen President of the University.
  • After University’bannon immediately enlisted in the army, and for four years he spent aboard the destroyer. In 1979 he participated in the unsuccessful military operation to rescue hostages from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. He later said that this episode of his military career led him to disappointment in the command and decision to leave the army.
  • Bannon returned “to the land” in 1980 and continued to serve as special assistant to the chief of the operations staff of the Navy at the Pentagon. Simultaneously, he studied to get a master’s degree in the field of research on national security at Georgetown University.
  • In 1983 he left military service and went to Harvard to get an MBA.
  • After graduation, Bannon got a job in the investment firm Goldman Sachs, in mergers and acquisitions. And in 1990 he opened his own investment company — Bannon & Co. Even after eight years, he completely sold his investment business and became a producer and Director in Hollywood.
  • Bannon has produced 18 films — both dramatic and documentary. The most frequently mentioned ones is a documentary about Ronald Reagan called “the Face of evil”. Among other films’bannon — “Battle for America” (2010), “Undefeated” (2011) — movie about Sarah Palin, who ran as Vice President with Republican John McCain in the 2008 election, and the directorial debut of Sean Penn — the film “Running Indian”.
  • During the filming of the movie “Face of evil” Bannon met with the publisher Andrew Bratyata. In 2007, they founded the news portal Breitbart News. After the death Breitbart in 2012’bannon became the Executive Director of the publication, which quickly gained popularity as a platform to extreme right-wing and conservative forces. Publishing without hesitation to publish critical articles against immigration and abortion. “Our vision, the vision of Andrew, was to create a global, center-right, populist portal, which are directed against establishment,” said Bannon, in an interview with Bloomberg.
  • Bannon is often criticized, accusing radical, “fascist” views, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Under his leadership the portal Breitbart News has turned into a publication that promotes the agenda of the “alternative right” (Alt-right). He has repeatedly denied any allegations and stressed that with the “Alt-right” belonging to a very wide range of political groups. In March 2016 Breitbart News published an article in which he tried to systematize the ideological Foundation of “political subculture,” and allocate different groups “Alt-right” — “moves that I hate even more than Democrats and cunning progressives.”

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  • Bannon was three times married and divorced three times. ‘bannon have three daughters: one from her first marriage and twin daughters from the second. His second wife, an investment banker Louise Pickard, ‘bannon accused of domestic violence, however, was not on judicial session on the case that formed the basis for his termination. She accused’bannon anti-Semitism on the grounds that he did not want to give a daughter in school, “go to the Jews.” ‘bannon all such charges denied.
  • Bannon — Executive Director and one of the founders of the nonprofit organization “Institute of government accountability” (Government Accountability Institute). This organization became widely known after the publication of a number of books, accusing the members of the American establishment in unethical behavior and illegal actions. The most famous of them — “Cash Clinton: Neskasannoe the story of how and why foreign governments and businessmen have helped the enrichment of bill and Hillary.”
  • Three months before the election, in August 2016, Bannon became head of election campaign of Donald trump, succeeding Paul Manafort, which has been criticized for close ties with Russia. This appointment caused widespread criticism because of the suspicion of the commitment of the’bannon to the ideas of the “Alt-right” and “white nationalists”. “I’m not “white nationalist”. I am a nationalist. I’m an economic nationalist,” said Bannon in response to these accusations.
  • After winning the presidential election, trump offered’bannon post of “chief strategist” — the leading adviser on political Affairs in his administration. This appointment brought a storm of criticism, and trump was forced to declare publicly that does not support their ideas and “deny” from the “Alt-right”.
  • 28 Jan trump’bannon turned into a permanent part of the National security Council under the President of the United States. At Board meetings we discuss the most important issues of national security and foreign policy. The Obama administration and the Bush advisors to the President on political issues could sometimes be present at meetings of the Council at the invitation of the President, but was not included on a regular basis.

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