Exchange rate of the dollar against the ruble has updated at least the summer of 2015

The dollar has updated the annual minimum in the course of currency trading on the Moscow exchange, at a minimum, the dollar fell to RUB 58,56 values rate fell for the last time in July 2015.

The Euro on the Moscow stock exchange fell today to 63,2 RUB, 1.48 RUB below the closing level of the previous trading session.

A number of media, such as the American edition of Business Insider, have directly linked it with the message of the U.S. Treasury on easing of sanctions against the FSB.

According to the head of the dealing center, head of foreign exchange and money market Metallinvestbank Sergey Romanchuk, the reason for the dollar’s decline was the sale of $100-200 million Western foundations. “On the evening illiquid market, a large sell order caused a little flash crash — short-term depreciation. Its decline was reinforced by the actions of algorithmic traders”, — he said, noting that in 15 minutes, the volume of currency transactions on Thursday evening amounted to $350 million.

The official dollar rate against the ruble set by the Central Bank for February 3 is 59,9858 RUB Is 32.41 penny below the rate as of 2 Feb.

The exchange rate of the dollar for the first half of the year fell below 59 rubles on January 17. On the low dollar exchange rate on that day reached the mark 58,95 rubles. the Strengthening of the ruble occurred against the background of moderate growth of oil prices. Experts speculated that strengthening of the dollar below 59 rubles will open the way to its reduction to 58.3–58 RUB.