In Norway, said about the cyber attacks by Russian hackers on civil servants

As stated by the official representative of the Norwegian police security service Martin Bernsen, nine email accounts of public servants in Norway have become the target of hacker attacks from the organization APT29, which is considered a Russian, reports the Associated Press.

According to him, the warning about the attacks received Norway from “foreign special services”. What intelligence Agency in question, Bernsen said.

A phishing attack itself, the Norwegian police security service, and military and government agencies. To classified information hackers access is not received, said Bernsen.

“Attacks have signs indicating that they are backed by a organization identified as APT29,” said he, adding that organizations also called Cozy Bear and is related to Russia.

He also said that there are “international cooperation” that enables them to warn each other about cyber attacks, which, according to him, there is “regular”.

Organization APT29 featured in a joint report by the Department of homeland security and the FBI, which was published in late December last year and which referred to two hacker attacks recorded in the United States in the summer of 2015 and spring of 2016. According to the authorities, this group has the attitude to Russian intelligence services. In addition, APT29, wrote Bloomberg in 2015, was involved in attacks on the White house and the US state Department.