Moscow will launch a new traffic scheme on 1300 streets before the end of the year

Moscow in 2017 will launch a new traffic scheme almost 1300 streets within the ring road. This was told by Deputy head of the gku “Centre of road traffic organization” Alexander Polyakov. There will be organized Parking, including taxi, right turn lanes and motorway and organising bus turnouts pockets. Some of the streets can make one-way, stop to move, and traffic lights to be reconfigured. All this, according to the plan of the city authorities, has to overcome the local congestion.

Work will take place within the framework of the csot (a Comprehensive scheme of traffic organization), which in 2014 started in 1282 the streets within the Third transport ring. “In 2016, XODD has spread to the territory within MKAD and included 1614 streets, of which 319 were implemented. The remainder are planned for implementation in 2017”, – said the Poles.

In TMS say that thanks to the local partitioning of the streets in 2015-2016, the number of accidents with material damage decreased by 18%. For example, in a Child’s street accidents have decreased by 57% due to the introduction of one-way traffic and organize Parking. In addition, the number of accidents involving pedestrians decreased by 15%, traffic accidents by 12%. For example, on the 3rd Frunzenskaya street it was reduced to zero due to the unilateral Parking.

Curator of the project Diana Khakimova says that the local partitioning of motion gives a good result during off-peak hours. Traffic lights are synchronized, there is a sort of “green wave”, causing a reduction of traffic jams. “Narrow streets make one-sided, which allows us to provide Parking places where they are needed. This is the American system of parallel one way streets,” – said Khakimov.

The coordinator of the movement “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov said that the idea of XODD correct, but in Moscow to it formally, focusing on “outdated and inadequate Standards”. “On the street prohibit Parking as it is at 2 cm already laid. For domestic journey put a sign “Brick”, as a result, residents have to make a detour. Removed left turns,” he listed Shkumatov major problems. According to experts, when a comprehensive scheme will be introduced to the ring road, it will lead to great problems for residents and motorists.