In the “Humpty-Boltai” denied involvement in the publication of the “correspondence Surkov”

The man, who identified himself as a former editor of the social media website “Humpty Dumpty” (“Anonymous international”) has given interview of Bi-bi-si, which denied involvement in the hacking group to the publication of the correspondence of Vladislav Surkov. As evidence of its work, the newspaper notes, he led a screenshot of the private correspondence of a group of journalists in September—October last year, and two journalists from different publications have confirmed bi-Bi-si the authenticity of the correspondence.

To the question whether the “Humpty Dumpty” attitude to hacking email of staff Surkov, he said, “To Surkov not, after the publication of Ukrainians Lewis expressed surprise. Familiarized with the same examples, said that, it seems, all present, because he had an array of some of the recipients”.

According to the former editor-in-chief, Vladimir Anikeev, who is accused of illegal access to computer systems and 8 arrested until March of this year, is “the founder and ideologist” of the group “Anonymous international”. Konstantin Teplyakov, called the alleged soobseniem Anikeeva and also arrested, has a “not so straight” to the group, said the source bi-Bi-si “he was involved at different times for different kinds of technical and analytical tasks that are not related to hacks — analysis and processing of information, when more, when less.”

Hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” is suspected of transfer of the Ukrainian Association of hackers “Cyberhunt” correspondence assistant to the President Vladislav Surkov. From this correspondence allegedly showed that Surkov discussed the destabilization of the political situation in Ukraine and the seizure of Ukrainian territory in 2013-2014. After the publication of the correspondence in the Kremlin said that Surkov did not use e-mail.