The media learned about the possibility of new charges the former managers of Probusinessbank

The main investigatory management of investigatory Committee has finished investigation of criminal case of ex-managers and top-managers of Probusinessbank under part 3 and part 5 of article 33, part 4 of article 160 of the RF criminal code (organization of embezzlement and complicity in it), writes “Kommersant”. The defendants are former Vice-President of the credit organization Vyacheslav Kazantsev, Deputy Chairman of the Board Alexander Lomov, head of corporate Finance Nicholas Alexeev and seven associates.

According to investigators, from September 2014 to July 2015, participants of criminal group have stolen from Probusinessbank 2.5 bln through the issuance of non-performing loans businesses. This guide was used as his direct reports — including the head of Department to ensure interaction with shareholders and subsidiaries of Maria Krylov — and employees-controlled Bank financial group “life” and CEOs aktivnih OOO “Alliance”, “Centre of trade” “Engineering-royalty”, as well as several other commercial structures.

The organization provided in Probusinessbank false information, and the Bank gave them multimillion dollar loans, then money under the guise of payment for various services or acquisition notoriously illiquid securities went into accounts controlled by the Bank’s management companies. Further, the rubles were converted into dollars and withdrawn in the offshore.

The investigation, the newspaper said, lasted less than a year.

The main figures were arrested in February last year and arrested. Last measure, they were extended until February 17, 2017, but to keep the defendants in custody, a month before the expiry of this period the representatives of GSU SKR charged them in the final version and provided materials of the criminal case for review. Thus the accused can be apprehended more than a year.

According to “Kommersant”, one of those arrested pleaded not guilty. Lawyers for defendants to comment on the situation were not referred to a subscription about nondisclosure of materials of the investigation.

According to the newspaper, ASV by results of check of circumstances of the collapse of the Bank saw in action ex-the managements of Probusinessbank signs of intentional bankruptcy, in this connection, on January 25 GSU SKR has sent another statement about presence in actions eks-heads of Probusinessbank of signs of the crimes provided for by article 196 of the criminal code (deliberate bankruptcy) and article 172.1 of the criminal code (falsification of financial documents of accounting of financial organization) and part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code (misappropriation or embezzlement).

Procedural decision on the application in the TFR have not yet adopted, the newspaper said. A source close to the investigation, did not rule out that the new case can be brought after the end of the court in their case according to the materials of the ongoing investigation.