Poroshenko and trump on the phone discussed the situation in Avdeevka

As the press service of the Ukrainian President, during the meeting “special attention was paid to the settlement of the situation in the Donbass and achieving peace through political and diplomatic means”. In Kiev indicated that both leaders expressed deep concern over the escalation of tension in the town, opting for a complete cease-fire.

The press service Poroshenko said that the Ukrainian President “thanked the White house for its strong support of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”, advocating for the strengthening of economic and business ties and strengthen the strategic partnership between Kyiv and Washington.

The parties discussed the upcoming visit of Poroshenko in the United States.

Official reaction at the White house the conversation is not followed.

The situation in the town worsened in the beginning of this week. Ukraine has accused the self-proclaimed DNR and Russia in the attempted attack on the city West of Donetsk. In Moscow, in turn, said that the responsibility for what happened lies with the authorities in Kiev.