The NY Times learned about the refusal of the White house from CIA prisons of torture

According to the newspaper the New York Times, Thursday in Congress and members of the national security Council there is a new version of the bill on detainees suspected of terrorism. It is now no mention of the return of the practice of CIA prisons, which were known for the fact that they tortured prisoners.

The mention of these prisons in the first version of the document which came to light on January 24, displeased as members of Congress and human rights organizations. The Minister of defense of Jim Mattis and the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo January 25, hastened to declare that they know nothing about extended sentences. Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, in turn, said that the authors of the bill were not members of the presidential administration.

Edition Buzz Feed had claimed that the document actually was created during the election campaign of MITT Romney in 2012, but this year it was a little bit corrected by correcting, for example, the phrase “global war on terrorism” in the phrase “the fight against radical Islam.”

While the document retains the proposal to continue operation of the prison for terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay, which he promised to close before his election to President Barack Obama. Trump believes that the transfer of people to other prisons should be frozen, and in Guantanamo to new detainees.

CIA prisons were established after the attacks of 11 September 2001 in several countries. There were terrorism suspects detained by U.S. intelligence including during military operations in Afghanistan. President George W. Bush explained the presence of national security interests, while human rights activists have repeatedly pointed out that the prison is “extended technique of interrogation”, which they called torture. Under President Barack Obama, the prison was closed, and the CIA was strictly ordered to use only those interrogation techniques that provided under the current rules.