The Romanian authorities refused which caused mass protests of Amnesty plans

The Cabinet Minister of Romania after the statement of the Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu reversed the decision on amendments to the criminal code, which provides that the weakening of punishments for corruption as well as from a plan to declare a broad Amnesty for prisoners sentenced for these items, according to Reuters.

Grindeanu, the Cabinet which came to power a month ago, has said he does not want to divide the Romanian community. He previously stated that he is not going to cancel the amendments and resign. However, on Saturday, February 4, the Prime Minister said that it would hold an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet, which will consider the abolition of the decree on the decriminalization of corruption crimes.

The impact of amendments on freedom on Amnesty could get convicted in cases of corruption, if the amount of damage from illegal actions of the prisoner did not exceed 200 thousand lei (about $48 thousand)

During the last days in the Romanian capital Bucharest and other cities of the country held mass protests against this decision of the government.