Editor-in-chief Spiegel explained the cover with trump and the head of the statue of Liberty

Chief editor of the magazine Der Spiegel Klaus Brinkbaumer in an interview with Reuters TV explained to the publication on the magazine cover, which depicts the US President Donald trump with the severed head of the statue of Liberty.

The magazine released 3 Feb. It trump holding in one hand a bloody knife and the other with the head sculpture. The cover is accompanied by the words “America first”.

“Spiegel didn’t want to provoke anyone. We want to show that we are talking about democracy, freedom, freedom of the press, freedom of justice, all that is in danger,” said Brinkbaumer.

The publication covers drew criticism from some media and politicians. Vice-President of the European Parliament Alexander Graf Lambsdorff called the cover “tasteless,” the Agency reports. Newspaper Die Welt, said that such publication “injures journalism.”

The author is the illustration Edel Rodriguez. The Washington Post wrote that he came to the United States from Cuba in 1980 as a political refugee, and his image can be regarded as a protest against a new presidential decree, which has tightened US immigration policy.

“This is a decapitation of democracy, the decapitation of a sacred symbol,” explained the idea of his image Rodriguez.

He recalled that the beheading is associated with the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). “In both cases, it is the extremists, so I just made a comparison between them,” — said the artist.