Patients with HIV can get treatment when moving to another region

The government will solve the problem of providing medicines to people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) when moving to another region. Such an order by Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets gave the Ministry of health and the Ministry of Finance on 3 February at a meeting of the Council of the Cabinet of Ministers on guardianship in the social sphere, which was attended by the correspondent . During the event, discussed the plan for implementation of the state HIV strategies, will last until 2020.

That patients with the infection have difficulty obtaining the necessary therapy for the move, said a member of the Council, the head of the Russian pharmaceutical company “GEROPHARM” Petr Rodionov. “People are denied attached to AIDS centers according to the actual place of residence and does not provide medical assistance and medicines”, — he explained. As summarized by Rodionov, this question needs to be written in the plan, as continuity of treatment is a guarantee that infection will not spread.

How many Russian people with HIV?

In 2016, Russia has identified 103 438 new HIV-infected, Golodets said during the meeting. This is 5.4% more than in 2015. Of these, 49% were infected through drug use. Today in Russia there are 870 952 person with HIV. Of these, 77.5 per cent consist on the dispensary account, and then pass the examination and receive necessary treatment. For the purchase of drugs against HIV in 2017 the government plans to spend 15 billion rubles.

Regions today are counting on the need for HIV drugs for a certain number of patients, said the head of Department of monitoring of ITPCru Alexei Mikhailov. Therefore, even one additional patient violates the whole system of treatment it is just not planned, he said.

The Ministry of health is considering the issue of the redistribution of resources for the treatment of infected between regions on the basis of the generated register of patients with HIV in Russia, said at the meeting, the Deputy Minister of health Sergey Kraevoy. According to him, the main problem in the assignment of a patient to a new AIDS centre is the lack of information about his treatment and therapy, so as soon as the register will appear, the problem will be solved.

Golodets asked to clarify by what mechanisms the regions will provide the opportunity for the treatment for moved patients. This question was answered by the Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Lavrov. According to him, the Ministry plans to make amendments to the Budget code in the spring session. Changes planned by the Ministry of Finance should simplify the mechanism of redistribution of resources between regions as in the case of HIV-infected and other patients, Lavrov said.

2017 purchase of drugs for people with HIV was transferred from the regional level to the Federal, so the regions of Russia receive for patients is not money, but the requested drugs, he said Golodets. Consequently, the exchange between the regions will be carried out not by money and drugs, said Deputy Prime Minister. “The Ministry of health and the Ministry of Finance needs to ensure that necessary treatment for the patient at any point of the country,” said finally she.

Federal register of HIV-infected really should facilitate patients access to medicines and medical care, said the lawyer, the Chairman of inter-regional arbitration court of Moscow and Moscow region Oleg Sukhov. “The important point is that obtaining the necessary drugs will not be dependent on the presence of a permanent patient registration”, — said Sukhov. The register will make it easier to get patients on therapy, agreed Mikhailov from ITPCru, but how the regions will share medications, it is not.