Payment system “Mir” will launch new tariffs

How to write “Vedomosti” with reference to the several bankers that received the message from the payment system “the World”, she’s 16 Feb update rates.

Payment system there will be two new types of maps “the World” — the “Classic card privilege” and “Classic map plus a privilege,” said the company representative. According to him, they will be more profitable for banks.

On the income of the issuing Bank, explained to “Vedomosti”, is mainly affected by the interchange fee — when the customer has paid by card in store, Bank, service point of sale, pay to the issuing Bank interest on the amount of the transaction. Therefore, the issuing Bank compensates the costs of card issuance and loyalty programs.

Banks are concerned about the profitability of the card “the World”. According to estimates of “Vedomosti”, the banks will have to produce 31 million cards in case of amendments providing that transactions in the accounts, which receive funds from the budget, will be possible only on the map of the world. At the same time — if such a release will be made — banks will have to change the cards of international payment systems “the World”, even if the first had not expired and the banks did not have time to recoup the cost of their production. Banks reissue cards gradually, and the need to give clients “Peace” by a certain date will create a burden for the Bank, which after some time again.

Currently, market participants are trying to achieve a gradual transition, say a banker. Partial replacement of cards of the international payment system will reduce Bank profits, as the cards foreign systems banks earn more: according to an employee of the Bank, the Issuer of the “World” according to the classic map “the World” a credit institution receives 0.8%, and the international payment systems — an average of 1.3%.

Banks currently can produce three types of debit cards “the World” is a prepaid, classic and premium. The interbank Commission for the first is 0.3% (but not more than 3 RUB.), two 0.8% and 2% respectively.

According to the Bank’s employee issuing the “World” to make all premium cards the Bank may not — if the client commits the transaction, and the Bank is not available, then these cards were installed off-limits within which payment system would still charge. “We have payroll clients, so it’s a risk,” he explained.

In addition, the banks did not issue cards of a higher segment, hoping for them to make more money, “World” sets requirements for the minimum turnover on the card only for the classic map the customer had to pay for goods and services not less than 10 thousand rubles., in the award — 20 thousand. the Condition has caused discontent of bankers because in some regions, the earnings of the customers are not allows so much to spend in the shops, that made it impossible for the Bank the only issue prepaid cards, which significantly reduced earnings.

February 16-payment system cancels this requirement, said the representative. Offline-limits are installed at the request of the Bank. The interbank Commission launched the cards will be 1.5 and 1.75%, said the representative of “the World.”