Putin proposed to the head of Department of the Moscow post of the Governor of the Perm region

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin invited the head of the Moscow Department of economic policy Maxim Reshetnikov, to take the post of acting Governor of Perm Krai.

“If I offer to return to their “homeland” as acting Governor?” — said Putin at a meeting with Reshetnikov (hereinafter, quoted by “Interfax”).

In response, Reshetnikov said that for him” a big honor and trust.” Putin recalled that Moscow official — “born Permyak”.

“You touch with his homeland has been, and always feel so far. You are there for the service has grown to the chief of staff to the Governor,” — said the head of state.

He also said that the MP aware of the situation in the region, fulfilling duties of the Governor, “will do everything in order to meet people’s expectations — unresolved questions still enough.” Meanwhile, Putin added that the solution of problems should draw on the experience of the previous command.

The current Governor Viktor Basargin earlier in the day filed his resignation.