United Russia will close the project Gryzlov and Petrik “Clean water”

Project closure

The first after the Congress meeting of the Presidium of the General Council of the party United Russia will hold on Tuesday, February 7. One of the items on the agenda is the discussion of party of the project activity, reported on the website of the party. United Russia will summarize the work of existing party projects and decide to start a new one.

Part of existing projects will be closed, said a source in United Russia. We are talking a total of about ten projects, said another United Russia in an interview with . Currently, the website of the ruling party is 39 projects.

Particularly recommended for closure will be such projects as “Open government”, “Saint-Petersburg — the sea capital of Russia”, “Ural industrial — Ural polar” etc.

The projects are completed “in connection with the expiry of the implementation period”, explain sources in the “United Russia”.

The decision to develop the project “Saint-Petersburg — the sea capital of Russia” was adopted in 2006. One of the stated objectives is “the transformation of the Russian transport system into an efficient profitable industry meeting international standards in organizational and technical respects.” The function of the project, according to the description on the website of the party, the positioning of the “United Russia” “as a driving force and coordinator of the public in achieving the objectives of the project.”

The project “Open power” was presented in may 2013, the coordinator was the then Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Pligin. The objective of this project he called “the need to establish a dialogue between the government and the society”. One of the goals of the “Ural industrial — Ural polar” stated “implementation of large-scale projects on development of electricity sector in the Urals and Western Siberia.”

Pure water Patrick

But the most famous project, which is among the candidates for closure are the project “Clean water”. In 2006, it was initiated by the then speaker of the state Duma Boris Gryzlov, as one of the main objectives of the project were declared “improving the quality of drinking water for the population.”

National prominence in late 2009 and 2010, when it became clear that for water purification across the country can be used the filters “Golden formula”, invented by the firm of Academy of natural Sciences Viktor Petrik. The media called Petrik and Gryzlov co-authors of the patent.method of purification of liquid radioactive waste.

It was assumed that the invented filters can purify to a level even drinking radioactive water. However, scientists were questioning that, a scandal broke out, which resulted in the establishment of the Russian Academy of Sciences Commission “for the examination of works of V. I. Petrik”. Members of the Commission came to the conclusion that about any scientific discovery of the question. “The activities of Mr. V. I. Petrik lies not in science, and in business and invention”, — stated in the Commission’s opinion, published on 21 April 2010.

The document also States that “offer and a patent for purification of heavy water from tritium using magnetic isotope effect can not be implemented as it is based on an incorrect understanding of the behavior of hydrogen nuclei, deuterium and tritium”.

Gryzlov said that critics of the program “Pure water”, “consciously or blindly working for those forces that do not want our citizens to live long and high quality, don’t want to see our country among the first world powers.”

As a result, in late 2010, the government headed by Vladimir Putin adopted a decree “About the Federal target program “Clean water” for 2011-2017. For the project were allocated 331,8 billion rubles, including 9 billion from the Federal budget.

The source is surrounded by Gryzlov said that “it closes a lot of party projects “Clean water” is no exception.” According to him, due to the fact that the tasks that were set in the project — in particular, in 2011 the government launched a corresponding Federal targeted programme. “Gryzlov is not supervised this project, he has launched,” — emphasizes the interlocutor .

In addition to the closure of old projects, United Russia plan to approve six new, told in the party. Among them, the “Urban environment”, “Parks in small cities”, “Local culture”, “small town Theatres”. The project “Urban environment”, as previously reported , the budget has allocated 20 billion rubles., on “Parks small cities” — 50 million rubles.

Most of the projects EP, in the form in which they are implemented now, can be closed completely painless, the analyst said Abbas Gallyamov. “Electoral value they have, because no real contact with the mass voters in the course of their implementation is not happening. In fact, these projects exist only in the party reports,” — said the expert.