WSJ learned about the team’s plans trump to “drive a wedge” between Russia and Iran

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is looking for ways to break the diplomatic and military cooperation between Russia and Iran. Thus Washington hopes to intensify the fight against “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) and end the conflict in Syria. About this The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said a senior administration official and sources in the European and Arab countries.

Officials in the administration, trump said that Washington has “no illusions” about Russia. At the same time, he stressed that the White house does not consider Moscow as an “existential threat”, as it was for the United States during the cold war with the USSR. While trump is aimed at containing Iran.

“There is a wedge that could be hammered between Russia and Iran, and we are ready to consider this option,” said a source in the White house.

“Between Russia and Iran, there is disagreement. It is unclear what [Russian President Vladimir] Putin demands in exchange for easing of the Union of these countries”, — said the source publication from Europe, which last week held talks on the issue in the national security Council the White house.

A number of Russian experts in the U.S. in conversation with the newspaper suggested that to persuade Moscow to go to the gap with Tehran will be “very difficult”. “If the Kremlin will reduce its shipments of arms to Iran, he likely will have to wait for the easing of sanctions”, — said the President of the Center for the national interest in Washington Dimitri Simes.