At the headquarters of ATO has responded to the accusation in the preparation of the shelling of Mariupol

The press center of the ATO headquarters made a statement about the information allegedly received the order to shell the city of Mariupol is under the control of the Central authorities. It is published on the Facebook page of the ATO headquarters.

“Today, the Russian media launched the information campaign against the Ukrainian troops in ATO area. So, on the Internet actively to disseminate information about the alleged presence in the Ukrainian military plans of attack on the city of Mariupol”, — said in a statement.

In the message information about the preparation of attacks named the next attempt “to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and also to artificially create newsworthy to cover up their own plans for the shelling of the civilian population of the city controlled by Ukraine territory.”

Earlier, the Ministry of defence self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic declared that the Ukrainian army units allegedly received the order to bombard the heavy artillery located on the shore of the Azov sea city of Mariupol.

The purpose of the shelling, said the DNR should be the subsequent prosecution militias in the deaths of civilians and the disruption of the Minsk agreements.