March “Admiral Kuznetsov” has cost the budget more than 7.5 billion rubles.

Use in a military operation in Syria, ship group led by the heavy aircraft-carrier cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” managed to the budget in the amount of 7.5 billion rubles to 10 billion rubles, and counted. The price includes the cost of food (306,4 million rubles to 325,5 million rbl.), fuel (from RUB 1.1 billion to RUB 1.5 billion), sorties (1.47 billion rubles), the cost of lost combat machines (from 4.5 billion to 6.7 billion rubles.) and “combat” bonuses (38,3 million rbl.).

The real cost of the campaign may be longer, as data on the use of the submarine fleet and armament of the ships in operation was not published by the war Department.

Camping ship group of the Northern fleet went October 15. The group included Admiral Kuznetsov, the heavy nuclear missile cruiser Pyotr Veliky, large antisubmarine ships (BPK) “Severomorsk” and “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” and support vessels — tankers, tugs, etc. In Severomorsk the cruiser will be back in early February 2017, said the source in defense Ministry.

Study: as cost of the Syrian campaign, “Admiral Kuznetsov”

Carrier-based fighter plane crashes

According to the commander of the Russian group of forces in Syria, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov, “pilots of the Russian naval aviation during operations in Syria complied with 420 combat missions”.

Experts interviewed found it difficult to estimate the cost of combat use of carrier-based aircraft because of the unknown duration and distance of flights. However, the costs on the flight deck of the fighter’s fuel and ammunition is comparable to the use of land-based fighter, said the former air force commander General of the army Pyotr Deinekin. I agree with this opinion, a military pilot, who asked not to be named. “Complexity is only for the pilot”, — the interlocutor told .

The cost of 420 sorties of carrier-based aircraft is about 1.5 bln rubles for 3.5 million rubles for each flight, told earlier military experts.

During the campaign crashed two fighters — MiG-29K and su-33. According to independent military analyst Anton Lavrov, the value of the lost equipment can be assessed on the basis of the supply of arms to other countries. So one of the MiG-29K, according to the contract with India, signed in 2010, worth $51.7 million, experts of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies, Konstantin Makiyenko. Estimate close to the Indian contract, gave military expert Alexei Leonov. According to him, the cost of one MiG-29K, depending on configuration and conditions of the contract varies between $35-45 million Thus, the replacement of two broken fighters could cost the Russian budget in the amount of $70 to $103.4 million (from 4.5 billion to 6.7 billion RUB at the exchange rate on the day of the accident).

The cost of fuel and food

Sea route amounted to 5.3 thousand nautical miles (more than 9.8 thousand km). With average speed fuel consumption avianese the cruiser is about 1.3 tons of fuel oil per nautical mile journey. The transition from the Kola Gulf to the Syrian coast was spent 6.8 thousand tons of fuel. The same number took ship for the return voyage. The cost of 13,6 thousand tons of fuel oil could be 303,3 mln, calculated on the basis of the average price in ten gosection.

The purchase price of the auction of state-owned companies significantly exceed market rates for this type of fuel. According to the international pricing Agency Argus, minimum and maximum price per ton of fuel in 2016 amounted to 9 thousand RUB. thousand RUB. and 16.2 respectively. At that price, the fuel for the cruiser could do from 122,4 million rubles to 220,3 million rubles.

Court support — large anti-submarine ships “Severomorsk” and “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” — spent fuel in the amount of 954 million RUB from 1.15 billion RUB in Total fuel costs ranged from 1.1 to 1.5 billion rubles.

Another major item of expenditure was food security. The staffing of the personnel of the cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” — 1960 sailors and officers. However, the actual number of crew by the military was not reported. To feed the entire crew, the daily required products in the amount of 1.6 to 1.7 million RUB for rations 800 and 850 rubles, respectively, calculated. In this case, during the campaign, “Kuznetsov” — 117 days, from 15 October 2016-February 9 2017 — food cruiser will be spent approximately 183,5 to 194,9 million.

According to the data given on the website of the military Department, the crew of heavy nuclear cruiser “Peter the Great” is 727 people. The crew of the large anti-submarine ships, according to the study of Pavlov’s “type BPK “Udaloy”, is a total of 586 people. Thus, in 117 days of the campaign to ensure the crew of the escort ships were used by 122,9 million to 130.6 signatures mln.

The war office did not publish data on the number of officers on the ships, so, if we assume that the ships are serving only the sailors, the minimum amount of the allowance for 3273 crew members in one month is 9.8 million RUB Over the nearly four months of the campaign, the Agency has allocated not less 38,3 million rbl. on allowances to staff.