The health Ministry invited the regions to pay for health insurance Tutors and nannies

The Ministry of health has prepared amendments to the law on mandatory health insurance. As stated in the materials posted on the website disclosure of legal information, the Agency proposes to require the regions to make payments to the Fund of obligatory medical insurance (FOMS) for nurses, nurses, Tutors, and maids who are not individual entrepreneurs, and working for private individuals.

This initiative of the Ministry of health related to the recent changes in the Tax code, which was prepared by the Ministry of Finance. The Agency has exempted the employees from paying taxes till 2019, if they register at the Federal tax service. The relevant law was adopted in November 2016.

To arrange tax breaks for self-employed people suggested in September of 2016 by President Vladimir Putin. At the meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects he said that these categories of workers remain in the shadows to avoid bureaucracy and extortion.

Today in the Russian regions makes a payment to the HIF for everything not officially working population, including pensioners and children, said the Director of the Centre for social economy, member of the public Council under the Ministry of health David Melik-Guseinov. Working citizens transmit to the Fund 5.1% of their salary. This money is the budget of the HIF, which cover most of the cost of health care in the country.

After the adoption of the amendments proposed by the Ministry of health, the burden on the regions will grow, I’m sure Melik-Guseinov. Some of these citizens was not registered in the region as unemployed, he explained, and the subjects for them were not paid. The fact that the regions do not have enough money for health care and, in particular, on the implementation of the may decrees of the President and the increase of salaries to physicians, in December of 2016, was recognized by the Ministry of Finance.

The amount of payment regions will not change, not agree the Director of the Institute of health Economics HSE Larisa Popovich. Despite the fact that according to the law, regions have to pay only for the unemployed, embarked on a labour exchange, in fact they pay for all who donates money to the HIF from his salary. With Popovich agrees Director of the centre for research in Economics and management in public health of the Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO Yuri Krestinsky. “Payments subjects will not change,” he said.