The media learned about creating computer models of the last flight of the Tu-154

Participants investigate the crash of Tu-154 of the Ministry of defense during takeoff from the airport of Adler are unable to agree on its causes. Involved in the investigation of civil experts have built a computer model of the last flight of a military aircraft to find all the unknown factors of the crash. About this newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

According to the newspaper’s sources close to the investigation, the agreement on the fact, whether there was pilot error the cause of the crash, among the participants of the technical Commission is not so far.

According to the newspaper, the parametric “black box” of the Tu-154 registered “early” retraction of flaps. In addition, verbal tape recorder he was about to drop the emotional phrase of one of the pilots, malfunction of the flaps.

However, the recorder was only pointing out the fact of retracting the flaps, but the readings are not given to understand that was the reason for their move. According to some participants of the investigation, the flaps could remove the pilots, or their regulation could affect technical failure (e.g., short-circuiting in the circuits of the control actuators), the newspaper said.

The defense Ministry questioned the hypothesis that experienced military pilots mistook the levers control the flaps and landing gear, in this regard, the investigation has led experts MAC.

Civilian experts, according to the newspaper, has created a mathematical model of the last flight of the Tu-154. It laid down the trajectory of the plane and all the parameters of the systems of the aircraft, which had managed to retrieve the flight recorder. With these data the experts will be able to obtain the two unknown quantities — take-off weight of the aircraft and its alignment. With this information the experts will be able to understand how true version about overloading and improper distribution of cargo and passengers on Board, as well as members of the Commission will be able to give an answer to the question could the pilots to change the situation after takeoff.

Ministry of defence-owned Tu-154 crashed over the Black sea on the morning of 25 December. The ship was sent to the Syrian Latakia. On Board were 92 people: soldiers, artists Alexandrov ensemble, the employees of three Russian television channels and the head of the Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka.