The white house issued a list of the hushed press attacks

The white house issued through the press a list of the 78 attacks, which, in the opinion of the Washington administration, almost no coverage in the American press. Thus, there is decided to confirm the President’s words trump that “dishonest journalists for their own reasons do not want to talk about the attacks of terrorists”, informs television channel CBS.

The list includes two attacks that are associated with Russia. This is a catastrophe of the Russian airliner in the Sinai Peninsula, which killed 224 people and the attack of militants in Derbent in December 2015, following which one person was killed, 11 were injured.

Among the hushed along with attacks on police in different countries have appeared, including the attack on the Museum of Bardo in Tunis in March 2015, the shooting of tourists on the beach in the Tunisian town of Sousse in June 2015, as well as large-scale terrorist attack in Paris in November 2015, when associated with the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia organization) gunmen killed 129 people near the stadium “Stade de France”, near the “Bataclan” and a few other places.

Press Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer clarified that not all the listed attacks were not mentioned in the press, but their coverage of the White house is considered insufficient.

The reason for the publication of the list was the discussion of the interview MSNBC adviser to trump Kellyanne Conway. With a presidential decree limiting the entry into the U.S. of immigrants from the Middle East, it referred to “the massacre in Bowling green,” which supposedly gave two a native of Iraq. The media later pointed out that two citizens of Iraq were indeed arrested in the town of Bowling green in 2011, but no crimes on the territory of the United States they did not commit, reports The Washington Post.

Conway later admitted that he made a reservation. According to her, instead of the phrase “massacre in Bowling green” it was meant to say “terrorists from Bowling green”.