Trump has compared the state of the U.S. Navy with the fleet during the First World war

President and commander in chief of the Armed forces of the United States Donald trump made on the basis of the U.S. air force MacDill in Florida. During the meeting, he said that the us Navy is currently at the same point in which it was during the First World war and promised to correct this situation.

Report on the meeting published on the website of the White house.

“Our fleet is in the same low spot as during the First World war. It was a very long time. It won’t happen again, guys,” trump promised.

The President reiterated his previous assessment of the condition of the fleet, when he described it as “exhausted” and promised that in future all troops will have all the necessary equipment, tools, resources and supplies to execute their tasks.

At the same time, trump has promised that will not spend taxpayers ‘ money wasted, and cited the example of the recent decision on the fate of the aircraft of the fifth generation F-35. “I have already saved over $700 million, when he participated in the negotiations on the F-35. You know about it. And I want to thank Lockheed Martin and Boeing, I want to thank all the companies that really sewed forward,” the President added