Advisor Avakov responded to the accusations in the murder of Givi

Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zorian Shkiryak denied allegations of the murder of the commander of the battalion “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy. He stated this in an interview .

“And they [the DNR] has to say? That they each other, sorry, urinate in the toilet? It’s clear that they need someone to blame,” — said Shkiryak.

On the death of Tolstoy, known under the Callsign “Givi”, became known on Wednesday morning, February 8. As reported the operational command of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND), Givi was killed in the attack in 06:12 GMT. According to the newspaper “news Donetsk Republic” Thick were killed in an explosion in his office. One of the former leaders of the DNI Igor Strelkov on his page in social network “Vkontakte” wrote that the room, which was giv, a shot was fired from a grenade launcher “bumblebee”.

The Prosecutor’s office of the DNI said that the attacks are the Ukrainian intelligence services who are trying to achieve destabilization of the situation in the Donbass. The direct executor of murder in DND called “subversive groups.”