In the U.S. Senate have prepared a veto on the lifting of sanctions against Russia

As reported by CNN, several members of the upper house of Congress, headed by Lindsay Graham and Ben Cardin are among the sponsors of document to be submitted to the Senate on Wednesday. The essence of the document lies in the fact that if the White house wants to lift sanctions against Russia, he first have to provide to Congress a detailed justification for this decision and then have to step the 120-day period during which the congressmen themselves will decide whether to accept them or not.

Among the supporters of the bill CNN called John McCain, Marco Rubio, Claire of McCaskill and Sherrod brown, representing both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Against lifting sanctions and acts as the head of the international Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate Bob Corker. His spokesman said that the politician “has a strong position that sanctions against Russia can not be removed because of its destabilizing behavior in Ukraine.”

Said CNN’s Ben Cardin, he expects that in the case of removal to a vote, the draft to prevent the lifting of sanctions, could get 67 votes needed for its approval.

Himself Donald trump yesterday in his twitter wrote to his opponents that “not familiar with Vladimir Putin and does not conduct any business with Russia”. He accused his predecessor of Barack Obama that he signed a nuclear agreement with Iran, which the President called “the land of terror, number one.”

During the election debate and in a recent interview with Fox News, trump pointed out that his only task is to cooperate with Russia in fighting common threats, including the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).