The CEC in an accelerated mode will introduce QR codes in the protocols

During the meeting of February 8 members of the CEC by a majority of votes supported the decision to introduce QR codes on the electoral protocols from the middle of may and not July as planned before. This measure in the elections will help to avoid mistrust and claims, I’m sure the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova.

The essence of innovation lies in the fact that the protocols of all election commissions from 15 may will be marked “machine readable code” that will allow you to minimize the risk of errors when processing documents, the data is entered in gas “Vybory” system that handles the data. After completing the protocols in electronic form will print a QR code with a “sewn up” in his match reports.

Currently, the protocols are processed manually, and this leads to technical inaccuracies and possible fraud that the new system will almost completely eliminate, said CEC member Anton Lopatin.

However, not all the electoral Commission was ready for the introduction of new technologies. According to the Chairman of the Yaroslavl election Committee Edward Devitskaya, in the countryside not more than 30% of protocols are processed by computer, and most of the populated manually. He also said that the election Committee has no money for the purchase of computers for data entry the electronic system and printer for printing out protocols.

In other regions, experience in the use of QR technologies was more successful. The Chairman of the electoral Commission Orel Lyudmila Markina during the meeting, the CEC said that their field protocols have already tried to mark QR codes and the electoral Commission were satisfied with the results of the experiment. Markin also recalled the experience of the trial use of QR technologies in the St. Petersburg electoral Commission and commissions in Lipetsk and Vladimir regions that have experimented with QR encryption during the single voting day in September 2016.

The CEC member from the Communist party Eugene Kolyushin criticized the initiative, saying the introduction of QR technologies will facilitate the work not the members of election commissions and monitoring groups, and “unless the sysadmin”. According to him, the draft resolution of the CEC have not changed after processing October 2016 (then to him, as told by a member of the CEC Nikolai Levichev, has proposed more than 70 amendments).

Kolyushin said that, if the QR code will be included any information except the content of the Protocol, it will automatically make the document invalid. In addition, said a member of the CEC, the layout of the Protocol with a QR code takes up three pages, which contradicts the law on elections of deputies. It is possible to make the Protocol more than one sheet only “in exceptional cases”.

The news that the presidential election protocols can be encrypted using the QR-code, appeared in October 2016. It was reported that the new program, which is designed to solve the problem with manual entry of data in gas “Vybory”, ready to implement the Federal Informatization center (FCI) under the CEC. Before this technology was tested during a single day of voting in several areas — in particular, in the Oryol, Lipetsk and Vladimir regions.