The Governor of the Belgorod region called the speculation, the rumors about his resignation

As the head of the region to journalists that the rumors about his resignation are “someone else’s speculation”, reports TASS. According to Savchenko, the term expires in October 2017 and nothing will prevent him from running for another term.

“I plan to exercise this right, the option of withdrawal is not considered”, — said Savchenko.

The interlocutor announced the intention of Belgorod Governor to convene an emergency press conference. The theme of the event was not specified, but two press conferences other governors this week ended in their resignations. So, your posts have left the head of the Perm region Viktor Basargin and the head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn.

The analyst Nikolai Mironov pointed out that the political resource Savchenko has not been exhausted. “He’s one of the few governors that works not only with the elites but with the population”, — said Mironov, suggesting that in the future the Governor may become a member of the Federation Council.

In the January rankings of the Fund “Petersburg policy” Belgorod oblast is among the ten regions with the “highest” socio-political stability. However, in the latest ranking of “survival of the governors” Savchenko rating fell from 5 to 4, said the head of the Foundation Mikhail Vinogradov.

Savchenko, a regional leader, which is the longest one of the heads of subjects of Federation. The Governor of the Belgorod region it became in 1993, by decree of Boris Yeltsin, and then won four elections, and in 2007 his candidature was proposed for the post of head of the region Vladimir Putin.