Trump and Erdogan agreed to act together in raqqa and al Bab

The US President Donald trump and the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a telephone conversation agreed to work together in the Syrian cities of al-Bab and raqqa, under the control of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS), reports Anadolu.

The Agency also reports that during the meeting, trump noted the importance of combating recognized in Turkey as terrorist organizations “working party of Kudistan” (the PKK), “Detachments of national defense” (YPG) party “Democratic Union” (PYD).

Earlier it was reported that during his first telephone conversation with Erdogan trump said on “the willingness of the U.S. to support Turkey as a strategic partner and NATO ally”.

Al-Bab is a major stronghold of the ISIL to the North-East of Aleppo. The terrorists holding him in 2013. In mid-January, the Syrian army, together with allied forces launched a large-scale operation to attack the city. The troops of President Bashar al-Assad advancing from the South and from the North, North-West and North-East towards the city, moving the rebels of “Free Syrian army” (FSA) supported by Turkey.

The threat from the North: how the battle for El-Bab will affect talks on Syria

Raqqa was captured by Islamic state in 2013. The terrorists declared the city with 200-thousand population of its capital.

Last week The Washington Post reported that the environment trump rejected the idea of Barack Obama to lead the offensive on Raqqa. The publication points out that in the Obama administration for the past seven months it developed a plan of attack on Raqqa, but the final decision to attack the terrorist forces of the Kurds was made only on January 17. Then, according to the newspaper, one of the advisors Obama handed the document to Trump, explaining that he needs to negotiate with Erdogan, who was strongly against the offensive of the Syrian Kurds, which considers terrorists. However, as noted by WP, trump made clear that he intends to go its own way and will conduct a “swift and brutal campaign, which “will completely destroy ISIS”.