Trump called the courts in the United States “politically motivated”

The US President Donald trump called the American courts “politicized”, according to Reuters. On the eve of the court of Appeals for the ninth circuit heard the arguments of the parties, considering the requirements of the White house unlock the action of the immigration Ordinance.

The Agency notes that the court’s decision should be announced on Wednesday.

“I don’t want to call the court biased. So I’m not going to call it biased. And we still don’t know the solutions. But the courts appear to be so politicized. Our justice system will benefit if they can read the statement and to do what is right. I think it’s a sad day. I think that our security is under threat today,” said trump, speaking at a meeting with police chiefs and sheriffs of major cities.

5 February the court of Appeal rejected the request of the Ministry of justice on the renewal of the validity of the decree that was previously blocked by a court decision in Seattle. A Federal judge Seattle James Robert blocked the decree of trump during the pendency of the lawsuits filed by the States of Washington and Minnesota. According to the Prosecutor of the state of Washington Bob Ferguson, adjudication may take about a month.

In late January, a Federal court in new York allowed a temporary stay to citizens of the seven middle Eastern countries, detainees, and U.S. airports due to the presidential decree.

The decree “On the protection of the country from the entry of foreign terrorists” were signed on 27 January. The document was banned for a period of 90 days for entry into the United States citizens from seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population, with the exception of diplomats. Also at 120 days were suspended all programs for the admission of refugees. The admission of refugees from Syria stopped indefinitely.

On Monday it was reported that his expert opinion in the court of Appeal has provided 97 technology companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook. Conclusion the court gave the former Secretary of state John Kerry and Madeleine Albright. They all supported the blocking action of the decree of the American President, calling it “illegal”, “ill-considered” and “undermining the security of the United States”.