Computer experts of the USA and Russia have reduced contacts after the arrests of the FSB

Russian experts on cyber security has reduced cooperation with their American counterparts after the arrest of a top Manager of “Kaspersky Lab” Ruslan Stoyanov, who is suspected of treason. About this Reuters said industry sources and interlocutors in law enforcement bodies of the USA.

According to them, after the arrest Stoyanov and two employees of the information security Center (Tsib) of the FSB Sergei Mikhailov and Dmitry Dokuchayev of Russian experts stopped answering the queries of Americans. Contacts with the Russians were less likely because employees of the Western companies involved in cybersecurity, now I decided “better not to mess with them,” says American experts.

According to Vitaly Cremata, Director of Flashpoint, engaged in the research of American security, the arrests of the FSB sent a signal that “even an informal exchange of information with trusted members of Russian security services and law enforcement agencies could be construed as treason.”

Another expert on cyber security, which is often in contact with colleagues in Moscow, in an interview with the Agency also noted that they no longer share with him any information concerning the case of treason, the FSB, the defendant is Stoyanov. Another Agency source said that his “friend in the security company in Russia, stopped to talk to him about cybercrime, because he has real grounds for concern.”

Some American experts on cyber security believe that the arrests are a warning to the Russian colleagues not to resort to the assistance of Washington in the investigation of cybercrime. A senior U.S. law enforcement has expressed concerns about this in an interview with Reuters, noting that last year thanks to the cooperation of the parties, the authorities were able to detain suspects in the use of complex mechanisms to steal money from Bank accounts in different countries.

An Agency source indicated that “Kaspersky Lab” was regarded in the West as one of the Russian firms, which “tried to do the right thing” by cooperating with Western law enforcement agencies in the fight against cybercrime.

The FSB has not commented on Reutres this information. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that President Vladimir Putin is aware of the arrest of security personnel, but the Kremlin could not confirm something about them. The Agency was also unable to contact Stoyanov.

The newspaper “Kommersant” told about the case of treason against the FSB in the end of January. Mikhailov was the head of one of the divisions of CDC FSB, Dokuchaev — security officer of the 2nd operational Department of Ciba. Previously, he was a hacker.