Credit Suisse has denied information about the investigation of the “mirror” transactions

“We do not conduct any investigation in the alleged “mirror trading” in the Moscow office,” reads the official statement of the global Bank Credit Suisse. From other comments in Bank have refused.

Earlier, Forbes magazine, citing unnamed sources in the Bank announced that from December 2016 the Russian division of the Swiss Bank Credit Suisse is conducting an internal investigation in relation to the group’s employees and external financiers. According to the newspaper, the Bank verifies the activities of the two employees involved in Treasury operations, and several foreign financiers, including the activities of one of the brokers. According to Forbes, the investigation could be related to “mirror” transactions (the simultaneous purchase and selling of an asset in different jurisdictions, the scheme is used for output of assets).

In the transaction might be involved “employees of affiliated structures of Gazprom”, and the volume of transactions for which check bankers can be in the tens of millions of dollars a day, the words quoted as a counterparty of Credit Suisse.

In the middle of 2015 in money laundering for Russian clients with a “mirror” transactions were suspected employees of the Moscow office of Deutsche Bank. Traders bought Bank shares of Russian companies in Moscow for rubles, and then resold the same paper through the London branch of the Bank. The Bank conducted an internal investigation of money laundering clients using such schemes.

In January of this year, the Department of financial services of new York state (New York State Department of Financial Services) announced the recovery with Deutsche Bank of $425 million for the “mirror” operation, which allowed to withdraw from the country $10 billion. in addition, Deutsche Bank will pay £163 million ($204 million) of British Management to enforce standards of conduct on the financial markets Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the illegal scheme of “mirror” operations. Cumulatively, the total penalty for the so-called “Russian case” was $629 million.