Fake News Front: like Donald trump fighting with journalists

Fake News Front: like Donald trump fighting with journalists

Since joining Donald trump in the position of President of the United States, it took only 19 days. During this time he repeatedly called the largest American media is “false” and “failed”. His feature CNN: You are the fake news went around the world. Only in his account Twitter trump since January 20, six times criticized the newspaper The New York Times, two times as opposed to CNN, one time was critical of the channels ABC, NBC and the Washington Post. Experts after the trump call war the relationship of the number of American mass media and the 45th President of the United States.

Old wounds

“The first war proclaimed by the President, the trump, is a war against news organizations,” wrote in his published 25 January column for CNN, a Professor of history and social Sciences at Princeton University Julian Zelizer. A scientist illustrated this with the phrase of the tramp. Speaking at the headquarters of the CIA, the President called journalists “perhaps the most dishonest people”, stressing that he “in the midst of a war with the media”.

It began long before the inauguration of the trump. Throughout the election campaign, journalists accused him of racism, sexism and xenophobia are unacceptable for candidate behavior. In turn, trump has repeatedly stressed, in his account, and in public speeches that the media are prejudiced against him and “unfair” coverage of his campaign.

However, as noted by the American edition of Politico, for the first time in U.S. history the major media almost had no influence on the voters supporting one of the presidential candidates, namely the electorate trump. Such scandalous publication, as a material David Farenthold in The Washington Post (charity of trump allegedly conducting banned for non-profit organizations) or Suzanne Craig of The New York Times (on tax fraud the billionaire), could sink another candidate, wrote in November, Politico. However, by the time trump, as noted by the newspaper, managed to establish their own rules of the game in which the media acted as his prejudiced opponents, which ultimately played into his hands.

During a press conference 11 January — after the election but before the inauguration — trump called “fakes” the media publications about the presence of the Kremlin of dirt on him, calling on intelligence agencies to prevent future leaks. Original material about this appeared on the portal BuzzFeed, and then the subject picked up by the mainstream media, in particular CNN, who has been ostracized from trump. In an editorial to CNN emphasized that the report was more detailed than the investigation of BuzzFeed, but the team trump “intentionally uses these BuzzFeed to distract attention from CNN, who passed, and other media.”

Current media reports about low ratings trump cause he had the same reaction only strengthened his belief that journalists continue the war against him. “All the negative polls are fake, as pre-election predictions CNN, ABC and NBC,” trump wrote on Twitter on February 6.

The voice of the President

Since joining trump in the position of the main functions for dealing with the press performs Sean Spicer, both occupying the key position in this area — press Secretary to the President and Director of communications. At its first briefing 21 Jan Spicer accused the media of underreporting the number present at the inauguration of the trump. This was followed by other verbal skirmishes. According to Politico, Spicer has to solve an extremely difficult problem — “to find a balance between the needs of the administration, which regards the media as an opposition party, and between the need to build constructive relations with the press.”

While Spicer criticizes more than seeking a balance. On Monday, he criticized The New York Times for an article about the work of the White house (there casually mentioned that trump looks in robe, TV), stressing that the President “wears house coats”. In response, bloggers and media have published numerous photos of the trump robe. On Tuesday, Spicer said that the CNN reporters wanted to interview the Advisor to trump, Kellyann Conway because of “doubt as to its reputation,” but then, according to Spicer, refused his words. However, the CNN official channel account on Twitter stated that it did not waive its characteristic Conway, who, speaking about the reasons of the decree trump restricting entry to USA residents seven Muslim countries, referred to “the massacre in Bowling green” that never was.

Sean Spicer

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8 Feb sources CNN the White house announced that dissatisfaction trump the work of Spicer is increasing day by day and will soon be the new Director of communications, responsible for strategic issues in relations of the President with the press. Spicer will retain the position of press Secretary.

In the previous administration, these positions occupied by different people. Press Secretary of the White house were Josh Ernest, and the Director of communications Jen Psaki.

The response of journalists

In his column for CNN Zelizer also notes that strained relations with the media were other presidents, which the press was criticized for withholding foreign plans (in the case of Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Reagan) or lying to the public (bill Clinton). Attacks on the press allowed themselves the administration of Richard Nixon — and then, notes of Zelizer, on a much smaller scale than now.

And yet the fault is not just trump and his team, experts admit. “As the new US administration and (to a lesser extent) the American and world press came to the current battle against a very stupid and hypocritical positions” — emphasizes the Reuters columnist Peter Epps. According to him, if the administration would trump wasn’t trying so hard to “deny reality”, she could truly sympathize with, because most of the media to Express liberal ideas and “not always fair cost with trump”. However, outright lies and inappropriate actions of the White house not leaving the journalists with no choice but to deny it’s catchy headlines, writes Epps. “If during election campaign such a vivid confrontation with the media worked, to trump the President that looks horrible,” adds Epps.

Shortly after the publication of the article Epps, 31 January, editor in chief of Reuters Steve Adler published his letter to the Agency team about how to cover the activities of the administration. “We fairly and honestly publicized events in many places where the press is under pressure, writes Adler. — For all the threats we respond to the protection of journalists, support for our values of fair and honest coverage of events, a thorough search of information and its neutrality”. Professional journalism, according to Adler, must be “at the same time fearless and impartial”.

Donald Trump

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The position of the Adler share the press corps. “We recognize that you showed how distrust people now treat the media, wrote behalf of the press pool editor in chief of the Columbia Journalism Review Kyle Pope. — We need to regain trust.” To regain the trust of journalists intend accurate reportorial work, recognition of errors and adherence to the strictest ethical standards. The letter was published a few days before the inauguration of the trump, when it became known that he intends to transplant a pool of journalists from the White house in the next, what, according to journalists, could worsen the conditions of their work is to limit access to officials.

Strategic intent

Trump struck the publications that are largely left-liberal views and oriented to the Democratic party, the Director of the Foundation for the study of the United States. Franklin Roosevelt MSU Yuri Rogalev. Even before the election campaign, the schism in American society has led to the division of media support of Republicans and Democrats, and during the campaign, the split was further exacerbated by the representatives of both camps began to operate in the propaganda vein, the expert of the Center of strategic development Paul Demidov. After winning the trump journalists of the liberal media began to afford attacks against the President, although largely answered his attacks against them, like an expert.

In this case, after the inauguration of the trump did not reduce the intensity of the attack, did not overcome the split that seems unprecedented because it represents the Institute, and the media is much less institutionalized and can longer afford, says Demidov. Trump is strategically focused on the constant provoking of the conflict, the expert believes. The constant reproduction of the political crisis will help the President to mobilize their supporters, concludes Demidov.