Qatar has said it is spending $500 million a week for the world Cup

In an interview with foreign journalists, the Finance Minister of Qatar Ali Shareef al-Emadi said that the main projects associated with the holding of the world Cup, the authorities are spending $500 million a week. According to him, the same pace of the money will be spent up to 2021, but the overall budget will be about $200 billion, reports the Guardian.

Al-Emadi explained that it is not only about building stadiums, but also on the construction of new roads and Railways, construction of airports, hospitals and ports. “We want to do in advance so as not to zakrashivaet in that moment, when the guests come to us of the championship,” explained the Minister.

While al-Ahmadi rejected the assumptions of journalists that thanks to cash injections, the world Cup in Qatar will be the most expensive in history. According to him, the $200 billion — total investments in infrastructure. The presence of this amount, the Minister explained that the savings that have arisen during the growth of prices for oil and gas.

Qatar will take the world Cup four years after Russia — the mistress of superiority of 2018. This week it became known that the cost of this tournament has grown to 638 billion rubles (slightly more than $10 billion). In addition to the construction of the stadium preparing for the world Cup in Russia also includes the construction of new airports, construction of hotels and transport infrastructure.

For comparison, the world Cup in South Africa in 2010 cost the authorities of the country of $6 billion, the 2006 world Cup in Germany — $7 billion On the championship 2014 in Brazil spent $13.6 billion.

One of the most economical over the past 30 years was the 1994 world Cup in the United States. Since all the necessary infrastructure in the country at that time already existed, to improve spent only $30 million.