Reuters learned of trump’s criticism of the Treaty on the disarmament talks with Putin

The US President Donald trump, in his first telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (start) signed between the US and Russia. About it reports Reuters, citing two sources in the presidential administration and a former us official familiar with the contents of a telephone conversation.

Sources said that when, during the conversation, Putin raised the question of a possible extension of the contract from 2010, known as start-3, tramp paused and turned to his aides with the question, what kind of a contract.

In the end, trump said Putin that the agreement was one of the unsuccessful transactions concluded by the Obama administration.

The white house declined to comment, sending to the official report, which was published after a telephone conversation. In it, Reuters notes, said nothing about the osbuzhdenie of the new start Treaty.

During the election debates in 2016, trump said that Russia has “outsmarted” the United States with the Treaty. Trump called wrong that the Treaty allowed Russia to continue to produce nuclear warheads, while the United States does not.

Secretary Rex Tillerson during a hearing in the Senate, where discussed his candidacy for the post, said he supports the new start Treaty. In particular, Tillerson said that for the United States it is important “to remain in cooperation with Russia, to hold them accountable to the commitments accepted in the framework of the new start Treaty, and to enforce [dogovra] on our side”.

To prompt comment from the Kremlin Reuters failed.