The Moscow city court left the detention of one of participants of group “Humpty Dumpty”

The Moscow city court rejected the complaint of protection an alleged member of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” Alexander Filinova (also known under the alias the mad Hatter), who demanded to transfer the accused under house arrest in connection with the aggravated in prison diseases. About it reports “RIA Novosti”.

According to Filinova, he has asthma exacerbations and vegetative-vascular dystonia, frequent attacks of breathlessness. The accused in November last year, was arrested Lefortovo court. After the decision of Moscow city court, he will remain under arrest until April 5.

According to the investigator Sergei Aguzarova, owls refused to accept the blame if you re questioning and “gave evasive, conflicting testimony”. He added that owls is charged with one count of unlawful access to computer information in relation to one victim.

Lawyer Merab Samedov at the meeting said that the leader of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” Vladimir Anikeyev, who pleaded guilty to illegal access to computer information, specify others arrested in the case. “In order to ease his punishment for what he did, Anikeev stipulates all of their friends,” he said (quoted by “Interfax”), noting that the investigators have no evidence linking his client to the crime. He added that the name of the official, whose e-mail was hacked, the hackers, it was a classified investigation.

The lawyer also said that his client worked in “Mobile TeleSystems” (MTS), technical assistant. “Technical officer, MTS. He has no education, on which he was found guilty,” said Samedov (quoted by RNS).

The owls during the meeting said that his qualification does not allow you to commit a crime imputed to it, as he is fond of “radio-electronics”. “All the prosecution relies on the testimony Anikeeva, and that his words imputed to me, I was not able to do so, since am neither a computer scientist nor a programmer,” he added.

In addition Filinova are two more people: the leader of the group Vladimir Anikeev, (alias Lewis) and third party — Konstantin Teplyakov. All three charged with illegal access to computer information, committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy (part 3 of article 272 of the criminal code). Earlier it became known that Anikeev pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the investigation.

The day before, 8 February, the fourth member of the group who remains at large, revealed his name — his name is Alexander Glazastik. He added that he is now in Estonia and intends in the near future to ask the authorities to grant him political asylum.

Hackers calling themselves “Anonymous international” or “Humpty Dumpty” became known a few years ago. It specialized in the interception of communications and hacking into accounts of high-ranking officials and further selling information over the Internet.