The Senate approved the trump chosen by the candidate for the post of US attorney General

The U.S. Senate approved the President has chosen Donald trump candidacy of the Senator-Republican Jeff and Roman sessions on the post of Prosecutor General, reports Reuters. During his candidacy, given the 52 votes against 47.

November 18, on the offer trump Sesna to take the post of Prosecutor General told Bloomberg and CBS. Later, the representative of the transitional headquarters trump announced that sessions had accepted the offer. Sessions became the first of the current senators who supported the presidential ambitions trump.

His views on the issues related to immigrants, on par with a trump. In particular, he opposed to illegal immigrants could in any way get us citizenship. Also it supports is trump to build the wall on the border with Mexico.

31 Nov trump has suspended acting assistant attorney General Sally Yates for what she refused to implement the decree on the limitation on the entry of natives of the Middle East.

1 Feb trump has put forward a candidate for the position of associate justice of the Nile Gorsuch. Thursday, February 9, he criticized the message of the President on Twitter about judge James Roberte, imposed a ban on the immigration decree. Trump called Robart “so called judge” and his decision “ridiculous.” GARCIAs declared that considers words of the President “disheartening and demoralising”.