Trump expressed Jinping hope for a “constructive relationship”

US President, Donald trump has written to Chinese President XI Jinping a letter, according to Reuters. In it, the American head of state expressed hope for “a constructive relationship” that will benefit both countries.

In addition, trump thanked XI Jinping in a congratulatory letter sent in connection with the inauguration of the American leader, and wished the Chinese people a “prosperous year of the rooster”.

In early December of last year, trump held a telephone conversation with the leader of Taiwan Cai Invent, and then between the two countries, tensions arose. Washington since 1979 has pursued a policy of “one China”, according to which the U.S. recognizes Beijing as the representative of China and refrain from informal ties with Taiwan. China after the conversation expressed diplomatic protest.

Trump is thereupon subjected to criticism Beijing, December 11 suggested that the States are not required to follow the policy of “one China”. “I fully understand the policy of “one China”, but I don’t understand why we should be bound by the policy of “one China”, as long as not reached agreement with China concerning other things, including trade,” — said trump.

Jan 19, XI Jinping during his speech at the UN in Geneva, said that China will strive to build a “new model” of relations with the United States. Shortly before the Chinese President met with us Vice President Joe Biden and said the world needed “a stable relationship” between the two countries.