Trump will judge them: why the US President attacks judiciary

Mutiny on the ship

The confrontation between the President of the United States Donald trump and American courts because of the decree for the restriction of immigration is delayed and begins to cause dissatisfaction among the closest associates of the President.

On Wednesday evening, February 8, the newspaper the Washington Post reported that the trump candidate in the Collegium of the Supreme court of the United States Neal Gorsuch criticized the statements of the President to the judges in blocking the decision the execution of the presidential decree on immigration.

Gorsuch, who himself adheres to conservative views, which often criticized the liberal media, expressed his disagreement with trump in a private conversation with democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal. “I told him, look how disgusting trump’s attacks against our judicial system. And he agreed, calling them, literally, discouraging and demoralizing,” he told The Washington Post Blumenthal.

On Thursday morning the trump responded to the message of the publication: “Senator Blumenthal, who never fought in Vietnam, although insisted for years that were there (big lie), now alters the words Gorsuch?”

However, on Wednesday night, press Secretary Gorsuch confirmed to The Guardian the judge’s words. However, both editions note that Gorsch this may be intentional, showing his independence from trump, which the American opposition is questionable. Now candidate Gorsuch is pending in the Senate judiciary Committee, and then must be approved by the General meeting of senators. One of the members of the legal Committee is Senator Blumenthal.

Judicial activism

Last weekend President trump wrote a series of tweets harshly critical of judges from Seattle’s James Robart on Friday, 3 February, issued an injunction against the action of the immigration Ordinance trump across the country. For two days the President has written seven tweets condemning the “horrible” solution “of the so-called” judges calling the country “a huge danger”.

The decree “On the protection of the country from the entry of foreign terrorists” trump signed on January 27. Document indefinitely suspends the receiving States of refugees from Syria, the 120 days will stop accepting refugees from other countries and for 90 days prohibits entry into the United States citizens from seven countries (Iraq, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Syria) defined by the previous administration of Barack Obama as “of concern” from the point of view of the threat of terrorism.

In the absence of the text of the decree proper clarification in the first days after the publication of the decree of entry into the country was denied even to owners of residence in USA (green card). Opponents accused trump of violating the Constitution even in Islamophobia (the majority of the population in all these countries is Muslim).

Judge Robart is one of the 16 judges in the court of the Western district of Washington (one of the 89 judicial districts). When January 30, the Washington attorney General Bob Ferguson filed on behalf of the state a civil lawsuit against the U.S. government, the proceedings were engaged in exactly Robert.

According to the plaintiff, the decree of the President violates the Fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the Immigration act, the law on religious freedom, the UN Convention against torture and the administrative procedure act. The plaintiff also filed a request for a temporary restraining order is an order prohibiting the defendant to carry out certain actions during the pendency of the case.

After examining the arguments of the plaintiff, judge Robart held that the plaintiff does carry the damage from actions of the presidential decree (violation of the rights of the inhabitants of the state in employment, education, freedom of movement and so on). Since all the conditions for the introduction of a temporary injunction are met, Robert forbidden to carry out certain provisions of the decree trump. In addition, the Constitution States, and a number of precedent-setting processes in the past have confirmed that the immigration laws throughout the United States, so the robart decision to suspend the decree applies to the whole country.

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which actually displays the application of laws outside of our country, is absolutely ridiculous and is cancelled,” responded trump on Saturday on a resolution Robart. At the same time the Ministry of justice appealed to the court for the ninth circuit United States (a higher court above the court of the Western district of Washington). If the government’s claims are rejected, the Ministry may apply to the Supreme court. However, without the approved candidates Gorsuch, notes National Review, it now operates only eight judges, four “liberal” and “conservative.”

The problematic position

In addition, on Wednesday, the U.S. Senate after nearly three weeks of discussion, approved at the post of attorney-General 69-year-old Jeff and Roman sessions. Republican sessions since 1996, was a Senator from Alabama, and before that a state’s attorney.

The approval was voted all Republican senators (51) and one democratic Senator Joe Manchin. The remaining 47 Democrats voted against approval, and Roman sessions. The process of discussion and approval, was “furious” and showed the party split, writes The New York Times.

Sessions known as a conservative. Democratic Senator Patty Murray said Wednesday that he is for the protection of human rights, immigration, abortion has always been far from mainstream and I took an extremely conservative position. Her party members pointed to the fact that as a Senator he repeatedly voted against initiatives aimed at expanding rights and freedoms.

At the hearing on Tuesday, democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren read a letter of the widow of Martin Luther king, Correta Scott king, which she wrote in 1986, when the Senate was considering the appointment and Roman sessions for the post of a Federal judge. In the letter, king indicated that the post of Prosecutor he used his power to limit the rights of blacks to vote. Then sessions has not been approved as a judge.

Human rights defenders also referred to the conversations of employees and Roman sessions, who told us that he indulged in jokes, in which he expressed sympathy for the Ku Klux Klan. Sessions denied it at the hearing. As promised he was at his post to provide “law and order” to strengthen control over immigration, drug trafficking and weapons.

He also promised that if necessary, ready to say “no” to the President, if it is to enjoin the law. The ability of the attorney General to oppose the President, Democrats also questioned, indicating that he was an active member of the campaign trump. The first sessions of the us senators expressed support for the candidacy of trump during the election campaign, and his assistant Stephen Miller worked in the campaign of the future President, and then went to work in the White house, as reported by The New York Times, helped to draft a decree on migration.

Now sessions as attorney General will lead the defence of the presidential administration of numerous lawsuits against this decree: in addition to the lawsuit from the state of Washington against trump, his Ministers and administration as a whole opened 23 process in connection with the decree “On the protection of the country from the entry of foreign terrorists.”