Channel ZDF reported the Russian Agency network of natives of Chechnya in the EU

In the film “Putin’s Cold war”, authored by journalist ZDF, said about the former FSB Colonel who moved to Germany and told about the methods of work of the Russian special services. According to him, he participated in various covert operations to destabilize the situation in the West.

In particular the source ZDF said that from Russia to Germany under the guise of refugees with false documents were natives of Chechnya. Now they allegedly are part of the Russian network abroad. In this case they transmit information about potential terrorists in the Muslim diasporas in the EU, but also participate in anti-government actions.

Igor (as it is called in the film, the former FSB Colonel) said that the natives of Chechnya to the security services, settled in Hamburg, Brussels, London, Paris and other European cities.

His decision to leave Russia Igor explained his reluctance to continue to fabricate things, including in respect of the opposition.

Throughout the film the interlocutor of TV channel show from the back or in the dark. This demonstrated a picture of him with a dress uniform with awards with retouch the face. This is explained by his fears for his life.