Putin expressed readiness to restore relations with the United States

Russia is ready for full-fledged restoration of relations with the United States, said the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin at a press conference following talks with President of Slovenia in Moscow, welcoming the position of leader is Donald trump on this issue.

Putin stated particularly strong degradation of relations between the two countries over the past five years and the need for their recovery. “We have heard how this relates to President-elect Mr trump, we are always welcomed and we hope that these relations will be restored in full and in all directions”, — said the Russian President (quoted by “Interfax”).

However, the improvement of relations depends not only on Russia but also on the American side, said Putin. The United States should “finally build a team and determine who in what areas would engage in dialogue with us.” This, said the Russian President, concerns and trade-economic relations, and security issues, and “different regions of the world who suffer from a great many conflicts.”

Moscow and Washington could, “together”, “to make resolving these issues a significant contribution, including in the fight against international terrorism.”

In addition, Putin said that he has nothing against Ljubljana as a place of meeting with trump. “As for Ljubljana, Slovenia in General, it is, of course, a wonderful place to engage in dialogue of this kind, but it depends not only on us, it depends on a number of circumstances, and current Affairs,” he said.