Reuters reported delinquency of Venezuela on loans from “Rosneft”

As reported by Reuters on the basis of internal documentation of PDVSA, as of the end of January Venezuela is late with the supply of Russian and Chinese partners of 10 million barrels of refined oil and 3.2 million barrels of crude oil worth about $750 million.

The documents are called a variety of causes of supply disruptions, primarily related to organizational problems of PDVSA. We are talking about the lack of storage facilities, problems with logistics, and also delayed the preparation of the tankers. For example, 1.8 million barrels was poisoned to PetroChina due to the fact that the terminal in the Bahamas, where PDVSA holds part of the reserves, denied access due to abnormal money. Another 2 million barrels’t managed to send in November, because the tankers, which should have been delivered, contrary to environmental regulations.

In the last few years Russia has granted Venezuela a total of about $5 billion, according to Reuters. To return the debt of Caracas should have been just a supply of oil and fuel. On similar conditions, Venezuela has received $50 billion from China.

To solve the problem with the supply in China the Venezuelan company expects including at the expense of a 15% reduction of supply in India.

Reviews of “Rosneft” at the time of publication of the material has not been received.

The representative of PDVSA and Chinese companies also have not commented on Reuters material.