Russia was suspected in the cyber attack on the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Italy

Italian officials suspect Russia in the months-long cyber attack, which occurred last year and the aim of which was e-mail correspondence, the Italian foreign Ministry, The Guardian reports, citing people familiar with the situation sources.

According to officials of the Italian government, the attack took place last spring and lasted more than four months. In the encrypted system used for classified data, hackers infiltrated, said the interlocutor of the edition.

The current Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who previously held the post of Minister of foreign Affairs, the attack is not touched, says a source: he, as Minister, did not use email.

The attack was exposed, according to The Guardian, “field office” of the Italian Ministry of foreign Affairs. In particular, the affected embassies and diplomatic staff, who send reports to Rome for meetings with foreign officials.

A government source confirmed that Moscow was behind the attack. At the same time, two people familiar with the situation told the paper that the attack was carried out Russia. According to the newspaper, currently on the fact of cyber attacks being tested, the chief Prosecutor in Rome.

According to the source The Guardian the government, after the attack became known, the foreign Ministry has taken steps to improve the system of internal protection. How about the attack became known, the source publication did not elaborate.

The newspaper’s sources claim that, in their opinion, the purpose of cyber attack was an attempt to understand how the Italian government decisions are made.