The Ambassador of Russia and the United States declared the request of the foreign Ministry to return the diplomatic villas

Diplomatic villas in the United States, closed the administration of President Barack Obama, should be returned to Moscow. About it in interview “RIA Novosti” said the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in the USA Sergey Kislyak.

“We insistently demand their return because the decision of the previous administration contrary to the Vienna Convention and liabilities as of the country, designed to ensure the inviolability of diplomatic property,” — said Kislyak.

He stressed that the area that was used for the rest of Russian diplomats, belongs to the Russian Federation, and “it’s not like giving, and real giving.” “Our mission has the same right to diplomatic property as everybody else, and nobody has the right to take that away,” said Kislyak, adding that the principle of reciprocity “has never been questioned in relations between the two countries”.

Kislyak has promised that Moscow will continue to demand the return of their objects, and this “difficult question” will remain on the agenda.

Access to two belonging to the Russian diplomats of a country residence in new York and Maryland, the U.S. government closed 29 December 2016. This day ex-US President Barack Obama signed a decree on the introduction of a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, accusing Moscow of meddling in elections in the United States and the “systematic harassment” of American diplomats. In the black list includes six individuals, and the FSB and GRU. In addition, persona non grata declared 35 Russian diplomats, they were expelled from the country.