The media talked about the signal adviser to trump the Kremlin about the easing of sanctions

A month before the inauguration of Donald trump, his national security adviser Michael Flynn privately discussed the issue of sanctions with the Russian Ambassador in the United States Sergei Kislyak. It is reported by The Washington Post, citing current and former American officials. As the newspaper notes, many of them felt that in conversations with Kislyak Flynn gave the Kremlin invalid “potentially illegal” signal that Russia can expect the easing of sanctions imposed by the Obama administration.

According to several interlocutors of the edition, in conversation with Kislyak Flynn has urged Moscow not to overreact to Obama imposed sanctions, allowing the interlocutor to understand that both sides will be able to consider this question after the oath will be given by the new President.

“The dubious impression that the later anti-Russian sanctions will be revised,” said the sources WP.

According to interlocutors of the newspaper, contacts Flynn and Kislyak began on 8 November, before the presidential election — and continued in “transition”. Kislyak affirmed that communicate with counsel of trump in person and by phone, but refused to talk about the discussion with sanctions, says WP.

Wednesday, February 8, Flynn rejected suggestions that could discuss anti-Russian sanctions Kislyak. The relevant questions, he twice answered in the negative, the paper notes. But the next day through a representative Flynn said he did not remember the fact that the discussion of sanctions, but can’t be sure that this subject never came up in conversations.

The sources also report that the FBI continues the investigation concerning the negotiations and Flynn Kislyak.