The post of head of the ASI is close to the former leadership and Belousov candidate

Lead Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) can the Director of a direction “Social projects” ASI Svetlana Cumshewa, said two people close to the presidential administration and a source close to the government.

The current head of the Agency Andrey Nikitin will be appointed by the Governor of the Novgorod region on Monday, 13 February, said three sources close to the Kremlin.

Cupsaw for the post of Director General of ASI recommended personally Nikitin and presidential aide on economic issues Andrei Belousov, said one of the sources . “This [Cumshewa] creature Andrei Nikitin,” confirmed another source . ASI’s Directors are appointed by the President of Russia.

Since 2004 Cumshewa held the position of General Director of the rating Agency the government of the Samara region, and also led the state institution “Agency for economic development of the Samara region”. Since 2009 was an adviser to the government of the Samara region, then adviser to the Chairman of the Board of OOO “CB Regional credit”.

In ASI Cumshewa since 2011, since the establishment of the Agency, where she served as corporate Director. “Cumshewa built a regional network, engaged relationships with government agencies, projects in improving the regional investment climate,” says a source close to the Kremlin. According to him, it Cumshewa responsible for national rating of investment climate of regions, which traditionally are announced at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF).

In August 2015 Cumshewa became the Director of the direction “Social projects”, retaining the post of head of the project office rating. Director of the social aspect of ASI, as the head of the Agency, is appointed by the President.

The “Social projects” ASI several activities.

In the “Social projects” engaged in additional education of children, in particular, we are talking about industrial parks “Kvantorium”, which opened in 19 regions. Implement “Social preeth” and the program for creation of technical means of rehabilitation for persons with disabilities, and programs to support volunteering.